Farmville 2 Percy-stent Student Quest Guide

Mission Objective: You’re looking at a boy on a mission in Farmville 2 Percy-stent Student Quests. Here you will find all the information you will need in completing this Farmville 2 Quests. Get ahead and complete the challenge ahead of the time limit with this guide. This will be available from May 30 to June 13.

Quest 1: Class Is In Session


Gather 15 Water
Fertilize 15 Kangaroo Paws
Feed 4 Adult Rabbits

Quest 2: Like a Sir


Collect 5 Connoisseur Hats
Harvest 20 Kangaroo Paws
Make 3 Peach Lemonades

Quest 3: Paw-Some Art


Harvest 20 Eggplants
Make 3 Kangaroo Paw Wreaths
Do 1 Foraging Job

Quest 4: Too Cool For School


Collect 5 Art Benches
Feed 4 Adult Donkeys
Make 6 Berry Custards

Quest 5: Getting Your In a Row


Gather 20 Mangoes
Feed 5 Adult Mini Cows
Make 4 Duck Tags

Quest 6: Tiny Tot


Harvest 4 Pear Trees
Feed 4 Adult Chinchilla’s
Make 6 Wagon Wheels

Quest 7: Frame and Fortune


Collect 5 Flowery Frames
Gather 25 Milk
Go Fishing 5 Times

Quest 8: Surprise, Surprise


Tend your Yogurt Creamery 2 Times
Harvest 30 Corn
Make 4 Embossed Leather Mirrors

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