Farmville 2 Petting Zoo Coming March 31, 2015

Petting Zoo

Get to know the soon to be released Farmville 2 Petting Zoo feature witht his guide. This new feature will be available on March 30, 2015. It will have some rare exclusive items to be given for free including the Baby Painted Marwari Horse. Find out more below this post on what else this feature is all about.



Build the Petting Zoo with the help from your friends!

Collect these parts to build the Petting Zoo:

Roofing Hay Bales

Corner Posts

Petting Zoo Bells

Collect Ticket Stubs to win prizes:

A look of some of the new items that will be introduced along with the Petting Zoo:

Braid Tie

Bubble Tub

Pet Shampoo

Horse Riding Cap

Bowl of Peanuts

Chicken Mesh





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