Farmville 2: Pie Eating Table Preview

On the next Farmville 2 feature, we will have a Pie Eating Table. We will gonna build one and prepare for to host a Pie Eating Contest. But in order to host a contest, we need first to do a specific task then on the next stage we will invite our friends to join the pie eating contest.

Here’s and early sneak peak for this new Farmville 2 feature which include actual image and the materials we will need plus the reward that will be given.


Pie eating Contest

Pie Eating Contest on the next Farmville 2 Feature Quests.


Pie Eating Table

We need to build the Pie Eating TableĀ  first.



Parts for Pie Eating table

Pie Eating Table Materials



Pie Eating Table

Here is what the Pie Eating Table looks like when build completely.



Pastry Cook Sign

Here is the final reward a Pastry Cook Sign.

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