Farmville 2 Plane Fertilizer and Fuel Pump plus the Pasture

Farmville 2 will be releasing next week the following new feature the Fuel Pumps, Plane Fertilizer and the Prized Pasture. These features will be related to one another. The Fuel Pump when placed in your farm will trigger the opening of the Prized Pasture.

Now wast is a prized pasture? it will be a new farm extension where players can placed their prized animals. Yup they have their own place now and no longer need to store in your inventory of sell. When you harvest the or tend the Prized Pasture Farm you will receive Fuel and will go straight in to your Fuel Pump. The Fuel can then be used to power up the Fertilizer Airplane which can fertilize your farm.


Fuel Pumps:


Yellow Metal Pipes Rubber Gloves Pumps

Yellow Metal Pipes, Rubber Gloves, Pump


Fuel Pumps

Fuel Pumps


Fuel Pump



Fertilizer Plane:


Gear Differentials Aluminum Metal Plates Propellors

Gear Differentials, Aluminum Metal Plates, Propellors

Fertilizer Plane



The Prize Pastures:


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