Farmville 2 Romance Rebels Quest Guide

Farmville 2 and Zynga have released the next Farmville 2 Quests. You can nos start working with To Be Young & Not in Love,  Roses are Black, Olive For Sweets, Tee Time, A Floral Agreement, A Broken Heart and more. This Farmville 2 Romance Rebels Quest is available from February 12 to 26.

Quest 1 : To Be Young & Not in Love!


Collect 15 Water.
Fertilize 15 Youngberries.
Feed 2 Adult Rams.


Quest 2 : Roses are Black!


Collect 5 Bunches of Black Roses.
Harvest 20 Crimean Irises.
Make 6 Wool Paddings.


Quest 3 : Olive For Sweets!


Harvest 4 Olive Trees.
Gather 20 Power.
Have your kid or sweetie do 1 Pearl Diving Job.


Quest 4 : Tee Time!


Collect 5 Anti:Romance T Shirts.
Harvest 20 Youngberries.
Make 3 Youngberry Tarts.


Quest 5 : A Floral Agreement!


Gather 20 Lanolin.
Harvest 6 Pecan Trees.
Make 4 Crimean Iris Corsages.


Quest 6 : Pizza Night!


Tend Your Yogurt Creamery Twice.
Harvest 25 Onions.
Make 4 Egg Mushroom Pizzas.


Quest 7 : A Broken Heart!


Collect 5 Heart Pinatas.
Feed 6 Adult Mini Cows.
Go Fishing 5 Times.


Quest 8 : Cake Consolation!


Tend Your Spinning Wheel Twice.
Harvest 30 Strawberries.
Make 5 Strawberry Ice Cream Cakes.

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