Farmville 2 Season of Witch Quests

Farmville 2 Season of Witch Quests

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The Farmville 2 Season of Witch Quests is a two part mission for the Halloween Season. It’s a continuation of the the series of quests that are inline in Farmville 2. This part will only have 2 stage and players must craft couple of Candy Apples and dress up for a Costume Party.

Quest 1: Farmville 2 Vamping It Up


Harvest 20 Garlic

– Garlic takes all day to grow so get planting

Harvest 10 Pumpkins

– You can plant any kind of pumpkins you want.

Harvest 20 Wolfsbane


75 xp, 700 coins


Quest 2: Farmville 2 Zombie Ball


Craft 2 Candy Apples

– You’ll need plenty of apples and have to ask friends for sugar.

Get 5 Red Dye

– Ask friends for Red Dye

Change into a neighbor’s outfit for the costume party

– Any outfit will do as long as players will change their outfit or costume.


100 xp, 1400 coins


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