Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery Preview

Zynga and Farmville 2 will soon be releasing a Sheep Nursery where players can train Sheep to have different abilities. If you are familiar with the Goat Nursery and Rabbit Nursery this feature will be an addition. On this feature the sheep can have 3 possible abilities on which once learned in it will have higher yield compare to a ordinary sheep. Players may choose on which training will their sheep will undergo. Here are what the Sheep Nursery will look like:

Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery Preview


On the day of release once you entered the game you’ll be prompted to place Farmville 2 Sheep Nursery.


Among the several ways to collect parts are posting feed to your Facebook wall. Asking your friends for parts and also helping them will give you one. Or you buy parts with your farm bucks.

Build your Sheep Nursery


A completed Sheep Nursery

A completed Sheep Nursery


Choose which way you’d like in adding a baby sheep into your Sheep Nursery

Choose a Baby Sheep


Choose which training you’d like to give:


Fertilizer Training


Hearty Appetite:

Hearty Appetite Training


Wool Growth Training:

Wool Growth Training

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