Farmville 2: Sheep Racing Quest Guide

Farmville 2 Sheep Racing Quest

Get ready to join Gus in an exciting mission in Farmville 2 Sheep Racing. There will be a total of 8 missions to complete in this Farmville 2 Quests and one will require to have a Sheep Derby Gate. Don’t worry the Sheep Derby Gate will go along the quests and we will going to build it with the help of our friends of course. What we have here is a complete guide and just a quick note the quest will run from July 8 – 22, 2014.


Quests 1: Kissing Babies

Kissing Babies


Feed 2 Adult Sheeps

Plant 10 Garlic Chives

Buy 1 Baby Sheep for Marie to kiss at the races.


30 exp, 300 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 2: Shear Entertainment

Shear Entertainment


Collect 5 Sheep Shear Box for the sheep shearing.

Use 5 Farm Hands to spread the word.

Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.


35 exp, 350 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 3: Get Your Point Across

Get Your Point Across


Feed 6 Adult Sheeps to prep ’em for the races.

Gather 20 Heirloom Wood

Make 3 Heirloom Pointy Garden Fence to keep the crowds back.


40 exp, 400 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 4: By Cook or by Crook

By Cook or by Crook


Collect 5 Checkered Crook to shepherd “stray” fans off the track!

Gather 20 Strawberry

Make 3 Strawberry Pie to feed the crowd.


45 exp, 450 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 5: Sheep Leap Steep Heaps

Sheep Leap Steep Heaps


Feed 3 Adult Donkeys

Make 2 Wool Padding

Make 3 Sheep Pillow


50 exp, 550 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 6: Pollution Solution

Pollution Solution


Gather 10 Heirloom Wood

Make 2 Fertilizer Rake or Heirloom Fertilizer Rake.

Make 2 Sheep Salt Block to cheer up the sheep.


70 exp, 650 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 7: The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff


Collect 5 Sheep Racing Doll.

Make 2 Stuffed Sheep Toy.

Make 2 Stuffed Donkey Toy.


90 exp, 900 coins, 1 Super Feed


Quests 8: Who Loves You Baby?

Who Loves You Baby?


Tend your Sheep Shack 3 times to calm the sheep.

Make 3 Plain Horse Blanket to warm the sheep after the race.

Have a Black Breasted Malay Chicken.


120 exp, 3000 coins, 1 Super Feed

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