Farmville 2: Snail Garden Preview

FV2 Snail Garden

Finish building the Farmville 2 Snail Garden with the help from your friends and win cool rewards. Collect snails by making snail treats or by harvesting land crops or water crops. This new building will be available on May 26 but today we will bring you a preview of it so that you can be familiar with it and help you once it is released.


Build your Snail Garden! Harvest land and water crops to find snails and win a Ginger Water Deer!


Build your Snail Garden!


Gather the following materials to build the Snail Garden:

Snail Pathways, Snail Shelters and Snail Nets.


It’s all smooth snailing! There’s no falling on the snail trail! Harvest crops to collect more snails. Fertilize your crops for a better chance of finding snails!


Make SNAIL TREATS by using these ingredients:

Natural Chalk and Coconut Shell


Here’s a look of the SNAIL TREATS that you can make:

Snails, Two Snails and Three Snails




Snail Shack


Snail Wall


Slash Pine Tree


Baby Ginger Water Deer


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