Farmville 2: Starry, Starry Night Guide

Starry, Starry Night

Farmville 2 and Zynga is adding a new feature into the game this Tuesday. This feature the Farmville 2 Starry Starry Night Quests will have a total of 16 stage to complete plus 4 bonus stage. These stages will be spanned for 4 weeks, where each week there will be 4 stage and a bonus stage available to finish.


Let's Get Star-ted

Quests 1: Let’s Get Star-ted


Gather 30 Water.

Water 15 Wheat for bedding.

Harvest 4 Peach Tree. Mini donkeys can’t resist ’em.


Seat Yourself!

Quests 2: Seat Yourself!


Collect 5 Hammock. Let’s not be too formal.

Feed 4 Adult Sheep.

Make 5 Folding Chair.


Comet-ed to Memory

Quests 3: Comet-ed to Memory


Make 4 Ornate Bell to ring for attention.

Get or Raise 1 Cow.

Make 2 Lights Out Poster to hang around town.


Amazing Space

Quests 4: Amazing Space


Perform 30 actions on Neighbor farms and invite them over.

Make 5 Chess Set for your visitors.

Make 2 Plain Trellis to cordon off a few areas.



Sky High 1: Moon and Gloom


Collect 15 Hammock.

Get or Raise 2 Cow.

Perform 100 neighbor actions and ask what they’ll need.


Star Spangled Planner

Quests 5: Star Spangled Planner


Make 3 White Crape Myrtle Bookmark.

Use 5 Farm Hand.

Make 4 Rubber Band for my notes.


Constellation Prize

Quests 6: Constellation Prize


Collect 5 a Star Guide so we get it right!

Fertilize 20 a Sunflower. Sun-flowers, get it?!

Make 4 a Craft Paper for the planets.


You Star-tled Me!

Quests 7: You Star-tled Me!


Build the Mini Donkey See-Saw.

Get or Raise 1 a Duck.

Make 3 a Handheld Telescope. This is for us!


Star Stuck

Quests 8: Star Stuck


Tend your Rabbit Warren 2 times.

Craft 6 a Wool Padding to protect the telescopes.

Craft 2 a Lens Cleaning Kit.


Sky High 2: Fireball Frenzy


Craft 10 an Ornate Bell to soothe the cows.

Get or Raise 2 a Duck.

Feed 30 an Adult Duck.


Inter-Stellar Performance

Quests 9: Inter-Stellar Performance


Perform 30 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.

Tend your a Chicken Coop 2 times.

Make 3 a Shell Cookie Mold.


My Way or the Milky Way

Quests 10: My Way or the Milky Way


Collect 5 a Tea Light.

Harvest 30 a Crimean Iris.

Make 4 a White Lily Bouquet.


Astronomy Gastronomy

Quests 11: Astronomy Gastronomy


Win a Meteor Lamp from the Meteor Shard Showcase.

Make 5 a All Star Gumdrops.

Make 4 a Starfruit Smoothie.


A Star-Studded Show

Quests 12: A Star-Studded Show


Tend your a Sheep Shack 2 times.

Harvest 5 an Heirloom wood Tree for wood for the stage.

Craft 2 a Star Pillow so the audience is comfortable.


Sky High 3: The Sky’s The Limit


Make 10 a All Star Gumdrops. Space food for Percy!

Craft 10 a Handheld Telescope. Keep the enemy in sight!

Complete 10 an Orderboard order.


The Gravy-ty of the Situation

Quests 13: The Gravy-ty of the Situation


Make 3 a Pumpkin Soup.

Feed 6 an Adult Cow.

Make 4 a Seaweed Crackers to go with the soup.


The Gravy-ty of the Situation

Quests 14: Star Bazaar


Collect 5 a Dew Shield for the telescopes.

Craft 4 a Soft Fur Blanket to keep warm.

Craft 5 a Porcelain Mug.


Star-ved for Attention?

Quests 15: Star-ved for Attention?


Complete the Starting Gate at the Mini Donkey Races.

Collect 6 a Wool.

Craft 3 a Green Training Hoop for the playful donkeys.


 Eat, Drink and be Starry

Quests 16: Eat, Drink and be Starry


Craft 4 a Burlap Sack to carry the food.

Harvest 30 a Strawberry.

Make 3 a Suncatcher, starry souvenirs.


Sky High 4: Asteroid Rage


Get 15 a Tea Light. They’re like twinkling stars indoors!

Craft 10 a Craft Paper.

Craft 15 a Star Pillow.

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