Farmville 2 The Fruit Appraiser Quest Guide

The Fruit Appraiser Quest

Hey farmers, prepare to help Barbara in the Farmville 2 The Fruit Appraiser Quest and win baby bottles. Get ready for some challenging stage where we will be crafting Carrot Breads and earning Country Fair Points. Thursday will be the release day for this Farmville 2 Quests and this guide covers it from stage 1 to stage 8.


 Fruit A-Peel

Quests 1: Fruit A-Peel


Water 25 Carrot

Make 3 Carrot Bread, we need to eat before all this work.

Harvest 2 Banana Tree, they are easy to grade.


150 exp, 450 coins


Why Weigh

Quests 2: Why Weigh?


Collect 5 Fruit Scales.

Prune 1 Lime Tree, heirloom fruit is the best!

Earn 200 Country Fair Point.


200 exp, 500 coins


 Fruity Recipe

Quests 3: Fruity Recipe


Harvest 6 Mango Tree, keep that fruit coming.

Make 3 Mango Muffin, the great fruit will make these delicious.

Make 20 Apple Juice to wash down the muffins.


250 exp, 550 coins


 Sizing it up

Quests 4: Sizing it up


Collect 5 Fruit Caliper.

Make 5 Peach Muffin, another great fruit recipe.

Make 14 Metal Photo Frame so we can frame pictures of the best fruit.


300 exp, 600 coins


Filling up the tank

Quests 5: Filling up the tank


Dry 16ater Crop, we need these.

Make 2 Rice Pudding, this should fill us up!

Make 3 Banana Cream Pie, another great fruit recipe!


350 exp, 650 coins


 Filling up the tank

Quests 6: Just Peachy


Have your sweetie do 2 Animal Care jobs.

Have your child do 2 Cave Exploring jobs.

Make 4 Peach Mango Pie


400 exp, 700 coins


Stick It To Em

Quests 7: Stick It To Em’


Collect 5 Fruit Stickers.

Gather 20 Heirloom Pear, more fruit to grade!

Make 7 Heirloom Orange Apple Cupcake, a great use of that fruit!


400 exp, 500 coins


 Fantastic Fruit

Quests 8: Fantastic Fruit


Earn 1 Spaghetti Squash, don’t forget to keep up with your other crops.

Superfeed 4 Adult Horse.

Make 2 Heirloom Meringue, this will prove how great our fruit is!


450 exp, 600 coins

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