Farmville 2 The Great Appaloosa Logjam 3rd Week Quests Guide


Appaloosa Logjam Week 3


Quest 1: Farmville 2 Ballad of the Mallard

[alert style=”white”]The river are still jammed in Farmville 2 The Great Appaloosa Logjam Week 3. We continue on as we help the town to clear the river for the ducks on this Farmville 2 Quests. On this third week we will be visited by more ducks even the rarer one so we will need a Duck Station. But before building it we can try impersonating ducks to get more to settle here. Give it a shot![/alert]


Collect 5 Duck Calls

Feed 4 Adult Peacocks

Make 3 Feather Duster

Week 3 Quest 1


40 exp, 1000 coins


Quest 2: Farmville 2 Unwelcome Guests

[alert style=”white”]Backed up water created a mosquito breeding ground! They’re driving everyone crazy! Rid the river of the infestation![/alert]


Tend your Prized Cow Shed 5 times

Make 2 Mosquito Oil Spray

Fertilize 30 Trees

Week 3 Quest 2


40 exp, 1000 coins


Quest 3: Farmville 2 Tourist Trap

[alert style=”white”]Let’s raise funds to help unblock the logjam by offering nature tourists some duck-themed trinkets to take home.[/alert]


Have Duck Watching Station

  • This building will be released on Tuesday

Make 2 Feather Charm

Make 2 Fired Glass

Week 3 Quest 3


40 xp, 1000 coins


Quest 4: Farmville 2 Nature Study

[alert style=”white”]Before that rare Mandarin Duckling shows up, let’s study this new habitat a bit more closely.[/alert]


Fertilize 40 Rice

Make 3 Creamy Rice Pudding

Inspect 5 Under Feather in the Duck Watching Station

  • Duck Watching Station will be released Tuesday

Week 3 Quest 4


40 exp, 1000 coins


Bonus Quests: Farmville 2 Ruffling Feathers

[alert style=”white”]You did well rustling up feathers this week. Want to see if you can get a bunch more for some Speed-Feed?[/alert]


Feed 5 Adult Ducks

Inspect 20 Under Feather, in the Duck Watching Station.

Make 3 Feather Duster

Week 3 Bonus



Speed-Feed 10 Pack x1, 40 exp, 1000 coins

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