Farmville 2: The Growing Seasons Items

A brand new item theme will be launched soon in FarmVille 2, as Zynga celebrates heading out into the The Growing Season! with the arrival of Spring. The newest item theme is called The Growing Season, and we have here with a complete preview of the new items that will be launched soon in the store. Let’s get started!


Moon and Stars Watermelon

Moon and Stars Watermelon


Baby Pomeranian Duck, Prized Pomeranian Duck, 

Pomeranian_Duck Prized Pomeranian Duck


Baby Russian Orloff Chicken, Prized Russian Orloff Chicken

Russian_Orloff_ChickenPrized Russian Orloff Chicken


Baby Spotted Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Prized Spotted Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Spotted Nigerian Dwarf GoatPrized Spotted Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Baby Satin Angora Rabbit, Prized Baby Satin Angora Rabbit

Baby Satin Angora RabbitPrized Satin Angora Rabbit


Custard Apple Tree, Heirloom Custard Apple Tree

Custard Apple TreeCustard Apple Tree


Red Mombin Tree, Heirloom Red Mombin Tree

Red Mombin TreeHeirloom Red Mombin Tree


Red Pine Tree, Heirloom Red Pine Tree

Red Pine TreeHeirloom Red Pine Tree

Red Pine Tree

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