Farmville 2 The Reading Bug Quests Guide

Mission Objective: Marie was thinking about your Farmer’s Nook, when she realized something in Farmville 2 The Reading Bug Quests. Here you’ll get the information you will need in competing this mission. You can also preview every stage of the mission and prepare for it. This Farmville 2 Quests is available from June 20th to July 4th.

Mission 1: Food For Thought


Gather 15 Water
Water 15 Little Beak Peppers
Feed 3 Adult Rabbits


Mission 2: List-Less Readers, We Are Not!


Collect 5 Reading Lists
Feed 3 Adult Alpacas
Make 4 Little Beak Pepper Cheese Skewers

Mission 3: Spreading The Word!


Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbors’ Farms
Feed 3 Adult Mini Cows
Do 1 Cave Exploring Job


Mission 4: Pillow Talk


Collect 5 Outdoor Reading Pillows
Harvest 25 Corn
Make 3 Doughs


Mission 5: The Read Of The Hour


Gather 25 Apples
Feed 6 Adult Horses
Make 3 Hourglasses


Mission 6: Carread Away!


Gather 20 Painted Feathers
Harvest 5 Olive Trees
Make 4 Paper Bags


Mission 7: Make Your Mark!


Collect 5 Sets of Handmade Bookmarks
Harvest 6 Peach Trees
Go Fishing 5 Times


Mission 8: Being Hos-pet-able


Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 Times
Harvest 30 Sunflowers
Make 4 Pet Cushions

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