Farmville 2 The Refarmation! Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Our farms are in quite a mess after the deer rampage in Farmville 2 The Refarmation! Quests. We have here a complete information guide on how to complete this Farmville 2 Quests. You can plan ahead and see the tasks ahead. The Farmville 2 The Refarmation! Quests is available from September 19 to October 3.


Quest 1: Field Goal!


Water 15 Napa Cabbages.
Harvest 15 Napa Cabbages.
Buy any 2 BABY animals.


Quest 2: Sitting On The Fence!


Get 5 Fence Design Catalogs.
Feed 4 ADULT Cows.
Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbors’ Farms.


Quest 3: The Refarmers!


Collect 5 Premium Permits.
Use 3 Farm Hands.
Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Cave Exploring Job.


Quest 4: As You Sow!


Get 5 Sets Of Seed Pouches.
Feed 3 Adult Mini Goats.
Make 5 Swiss Cheese Quiches.


Quest 5: Thinking Fur-ther!


Feed 4 ADULT Donkeys.
Harvest 3 Rubber Trees.
Make 4 Fur Lined Gloves.


Quest 6: Barn Beautiful!


Raise 3 BABY Mini Horses.
Make 3 White Lily Bouquets.
Make 3 Yellow Glazes.


Quest 7: Make Up Gifts!


Collect 5 Sets Of Fancy Flowerpots.
Make 5 Bunny Yogurt Treats.
Go Fishing 5 Times.


Quest 8: The Farmazing Party!


Gather 6 Premium Permits.
Make 5 Peach Lemonades.
Make 4 Iced Fig Cakes.

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