Farmville 2 The Swan Social Quest Guide

The Swan Social Quests

Quest 1: Birds of a Feather

[alert style=”white”]Join Cornelius in a special challenge in Farmville 2 The Swan Social Quests. Cornelius will give us only SEVEN DAYS and we have to complete all the the tasks in this Farmville 2 Quests. But If you finis all the mission despite the given amount of time, Cornelius will give you TEN TIMES the usual coin reward![/alert]


Water 24 Potatoes

Feed 8 Adult Chickens

Make 3 Potato Salads

Birds of a Feather


90 exp, 1000 coins


Quest 2: Olde Tyme Radio

[alert style=”white”]These Swan Fanciers are kind of\e2\80\a6 vintage, so maybe they’d like antiques?[/alert]


Collect 5 Vintage Radios

Harvest 24 Sunflowers

Make 3 Sunflower Cookies

Olde Tyme Radio


125 exp, 1450 coins


Quest 3: Rabbit Fun!

[alert style=”white”]Let’s keep going! [/alert]


Harvest 20 Broccoli

Feed 5 Adult Cows

Tend 2 Rabbit Warren.

Rabbit Fun


130 exp. 1900 coins


Quest 4: Play it Again

[alert style=”white”] Having some authentic phonograph music should make these Swan Fanciers feel right at home! [/alert]


Collect 5 Vintage Phonographs

Prune 4 of those Trees of yours

Raise 1 Baby Animal into an Adult

Play it Again


195 exp, 2350 coins


Quest 5: Berry Good

[alert style=”white”]Bread is great for a raffle party, and I hear your cranberry bread is terrific! [/alert]


Harvest 40 Cranberries

Feed 5 Prized Ducks

Make 4 of that Cranberry Bread

Berry Good


230 exp, 2800 coins


Quest 6: An A-peel-ing Recipe

[alert style=”white”]Of course, we should make a pie! But only the best pie will do![/alert]


Harvest 6 Heirloom Banana Trees

Feed 10 Adult Goats

Make 6 Heirloom Banana Cream Pies

An A-peel-ing Recipe


265 exp, 3250 coins


Quest 7: Rock It

[alert style=”white”] Some place to relax, and of course, more to eat. [/alert]


Collect 5 Vintage Rocking Chairs

Fertilize 30 Yerba Mate

Harvest 4 Heirloom Pine Trees

Rock It


335 exp, 4150 coins


Quest 8: Am I Blue?

[alert style=”white”] The Swan Fanciers are hoping to serenade the Swans. They just need some instruments.[/alert]


Harvest 48 Blueberries

Craft 3 Carrot Bread

Make 6 Heirloom Blue Guitars

Am I Blue


335 exp, 4150 coins

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