Farmville 2: To Run or Not To Run Quests Guide

To Run of not To Run

Goal: Help Marie as she will be running to be a Mayor in “Farmville 2: To Run or Not To Run Quests”.  It will be a new limited time quests for July 1 (Tuesday). We have here a guide to walk you through this Farmville 2 Quests so that you can prepare ahead what’s going to be needed.

Quest Story: Marie: “You’re not going to believe what happened to my friend, Juan. It’s just terrible! A water pipe burst in his house and his kitchen is ruined. I’m looking for volunteers to help him rebuild. Let’s do this!”


Quests 1: A Constituency of Juan

A Constituency of Juan

Mayoral Election Button Crates Moon and Stars Watermelons Adult Donkeys
1. Place 1 Mayoral Election Button Crates. 2. Water 10 Moon and Stars Watermelons. 3. Feed 2 Adult Donkeys for rope.
Reward: 30 exp, 300 coins, 1 Election Button
Quest Tips: Moon Stars and Watermelon is 4h to grow. You can buy Baby Provence Donkey for 8500 coins at the General Store.


Quests 2: A Sense of Community

A Sense of Community

Heavy Sandbags Adult Goats Apple Scones
1. Get 5 Heavy Sandbags to stop the spreading water! 2. Feed 3 Adult Goats. 3. Make 2 Apple Scones for Juan’s kids!
Reward: 35 exp, 350 coins, 1 Election Button
Quest Tips: You can ask your friends for Heavy Bags.


Quests 3: A Time to Reflect

A Time to Reflect

Farm Hands Visit Neighbors Rooster Weather Vanes
1. Use 3 Farm Hands. 2. Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbor farms. 3. Make 2 Rooster Weather Vanes for the roof of the new kitchen!
Reward: 40 exp, 400 coins, 1 Election Buttons
Quest Tips: Rooster Weather Vanes are crafted at the Workshop


Quests 4: A Moment of Clarity

A Moment of Clarity

Light Bulbs Strawberries Strawberry Scented Bags
1. Get 5 Light Bulbs. 2. Harvest 15 Strawberries. 3. Make 2 Strawberry Scented Bags.
Reward: 45 exp, 450 coins, 1 Election Buttons
Quest Tips: Strawberries can be harvested in 1 day.


Quests 5: A Bond between Neighbors

A Bond between Neighbors

Horse Stable Moon and Stars Watermelons Pickled Watermelons
1. Tend Your Horse Stable 2 times. 2. Harvest 30 Moon and Stars Watermelons. 3. Make 2 Pickled Watermelons.
Reward: 50 exp, 550 coins, 1 Election Buttons
Quest Tips: You can use Speed Feed in order not to wait for tending the second time of the Horse Stable.


Quests 6: A Seed to Water

A Seed to Water

Adult Cows Pumpkins Pumpkin Pies
1. Feed 4 Adult Cows for fertilizer. 2. Harvest 20 Pumpkins. 3. Make 2 Pumpkin Pies.
Reward: 70 exp, 650 coins, 1 Election Button
Quest Tips: Pumpkins can be harvested after 8 hours


Quests 7: A Serving of Thanks

A Serving of Thanks

Serving Trays Heirloom Wood Trees Feather Dusters
1. Get 5 Serving Trays. 2. Harvest 6 Heirloom Wood Trees. 3. Make 4 Feather Dusters.
Reward: 90 exp, 900 coins. 1 Election Buttons
Quest Tips: Wood Trees are Pine Tree


Quests 8: A Reason to Serve

A Reason to Serve

Chicken Coop Adult Cow Brown Drapes
1. Tend your prized chicken coop 2 times. 2. Feed 6 Adult Cows. 3. Make 2 Brown Drapes.
Reward: 120 exp, 1100 coins, 1 Election Button
Quest Tips: It maybe a Rabbit Warren or a Chicken Coop

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