Farmville 2 Tournament Buddies Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Howdy, I’m most excited about this fishing tournament in Farmville 2 Tournament Buddies Quests. You can find here all the information you will need in completing this Farmville 2 Quests. Complete the tasks wit ease and plan for them with this guide. The Tournament Buddies Quests is available from September 26 to October 10.


Quest 1: Word Of Trout


Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbors’ Farms
Collect 15 Water
Water 15 Korean Melons


Quest 2: Care for a Spare


Collect 5 Spare Fishing Rods
Feed 2 Chichillas
Make 4 Twine Caddies


Quest 3: Sing No Song of Sixpence


Harvest 2 Pear Trees
Gather 5 Baits
Have your sweetie or kid do 1 Pearl Diving Job


Quest 4: Upgrade to Wade


Collect 5 pair of Pairs of Fishing Waders
Feed 2 Adult Ducks
Make 2 Basic Groundbaits


Quest 5: Cheater Cheater Cheddar Eater


Gather 20 Ragworms
Harvest 4 Peach Trees
Make 4 Cheddar Loaves


Quest 6: An Act of Cod


Feed 4 Adult Guineafowls
Make 4 Peach Muffins
Catch 3 Tournament Fish


Quest 7: An Unquiet Mind


Collect 5 Meditation Pamphlets
Feed 5 Adult Rabbits
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Fish upon a Star


Harvest 30 Carrots
Tend Yogurt Creamery 2 Times
Make 4 Crackle Top Breads

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