Farmville 2 Trick or Treat Quests Guide

 Farmville 2 Trick or Treat Quest

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Another Halloween Quests has just been released in Farmville 2 Trick of Treat. Players will have to go through 8 missions and must complete it before the allotted time expire. Among the tasks that are included are crafting a number of recipe which will be done in the Kitchen. The Candy Shack will also be useful on some part of this missions.

Quest 1: Farmville 2 Candy Hunter


Place the Candy Shack on your farm

Have a scary Halloween decoration

– Buy Halloween decor in the General Store or redeem them from the Candy Shack!

Perform 3 neighbor actions

– Click a friend’s face in the neighbor bar to visit. Click anything on their farms to help out!


4 xp, 400 coins


Quest 2: Farmville 2 Somethin’ About Pumpkin


Harvest 15 White Pumpkins

– Plant White Pumpkins by clicking on an open plot and selecting White Pumpkins.

Harvest 15 Pumpkins

– Plant Pumpkins by clicking on an open plot and selecting Pumpkins.

Have 1 frightening Jack-O-Lantern

– When you have enough Candy, redeem a Jack-O-Lantern from the Candy Shack.


5 xp, 400 coins


Quest 3: Farmville 2 Who Did What Now?


Tend adult Chickens 10 times

Harvest 40 Wheat

Perform 10 actions on Neighbor’s farms

– Visit neighbor’s and perform some actions by clicking on some crops or trees etc.


5 xp, 400 coins


Quest 4: Farmville 2 Prepare to Scare


Harvest 5 Trees to shake the bats out

– Any Trees will do.

Have 3 Halloween decorations

– Get more Halloween decorations from the Market or Candy Shack.

Collect 5 Pumpkin Bags

– Ask your friends for Pumpkin Bags.


5 Stars, 400 coins


Quest 5: Farmville 2 Animal Treats


Have the first level of Mastery in White Pumpkins

Grind 20 sweet Feed out of healthy fruits and vegetables

Feed 10 farm animals with your freshly ground Feed


5 xp, 400 coins


Quest 6: Farmville 2 Trick or Trick


Harvest 5 Lemon Trees for lemon juice

– Harvest Lemon Trees to collect Lemons.

Collect 5 Jars of Candy Corn

– Ask your friends for Jars of Candy Corn.

Water 30 Crops and hide the Sour Candy Corn

– Use Farmhands to water your crops and it won’t cost you any Water!


5 xp, 400 coins


Quest 7: Farmville 2 The Cat’s Meow


Have 1 Cat Jack-O-Lantern

– The Cat Jack-O-Lantern can be purchased from the Candy Shack.

Sell 5 sweet Strawberry Lemonade

– Craft Strawberry Lemonade in your Kitchen!

Craft 5 Apple Scones just in case they want something filling

– Craft Apple Scones in your Kitchen!


5 xp, 400 coins


Quest 8: Farmville 2 Sheep in Bear’s Clothing


Have 1 adult Teddy Bear Sheep

– The Teddy Bear Sheep can be earned or purchased in the Candy Shack.

Harvest Wells 4 times for Water to keep your sheep cool

– You can purchase additional Wells from the General Store.

Collect 5 Jars of Zipper Polish for your Sheep’s costume

– Ask your friends for Jars of Zipper Polish.


5 xp, 400 coins


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