Farmville 2: Turtle Derby Race Preview

Turtle Derby Gate

You and your helpers worked hard to build the #Farmville2 Turtle Racing Gate next week. Get a chance to win coins and an exlcusive Blonde Bilberry Goat just by completing turtle races. Invite your friends to come and see which turtle is the fastest and win coins.


First off, we need to place the Turtle Derby Starting Gate in our farm:

Turtle Derby Starting Gate


Then we are going to need to collect the materials to build it:


After getting enough help and building materials, we can now have a finished Turtle Derby Starting Gate:

Turtle Race


Get these items for Turtle Derby Gate:

  1. Turtle Flags
  2. Turtle Posts
  3. Sand Brown Paint



Blonde Billberry Goat

Blonde Billberry Goat




That’s all for now for the Farmville 2 Turtle Race be sure to like our Facebook page so that we can keep you updated for all Farmville 2 news.

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