Farmville 2 Winter Carriage

Get a tour around Farmville 2 in a Winter Carriage Ride with Marie. Tag along your friends to collect and complete the needed to task to get a ride on a Winter Carriage. If you complete all the ride you will receive a Thawing Fountain which holds 75 Water.

Farmvile 2 Winter Carriage Ride


Next week we will be having a new feature called The Winter Carriage Ride. So to start the ride we will be building first the Luggage Cart. The Luggage Cart in order to build will need building materials:

  1. Hand Bags
  2. Cart Wheels
  3. Metal Sheets


After collecting enough materials and helpers you will now have a completed Luggage Cart. Now you can start your Winter Carriage Ride by clicking it.


Here you can see the Main Menu of the Luggage Cart. This is currently in step 1 and we will need to complete 3 requirement.


If you complete all the requirements and perform the number of rides needed you will receive a Thawing Fountain.

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