Farmville 2 You Nailed It! Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Rusty need our help in Farmville 2 You Nailed It! Quests. He’s been busy and I’d like to help raise some funds, for old times’ sake. You can find the details of this Farmville 2 Quests here. Complete the mission faster with the help from this guide. The Farmville 2 You Nailed It! Quest is available from July 17 to  July 31.

Quest 1: Lumber Support


Water 15 Overberg Red Moraea
Feed 4 Adult Goats
Harvest 15 Crimean Irises


Quest 2: High Stakes


Get 5 Lumber Racks
Fertilize 15 Wheat
Make 3 Red Moraea Perfume


Quest 3: Board Meetings


Perform 10 Neighbor Actions
Harvest 4 Mango Trees
Do 1 Foraging Job


Quest 4: Shave For Later


Get 5 Horse Shaves
Feed 4 Adult Rabbits
Make 4 Leather Trunks


Quest 5: No Slumber


Collect 20 Figs
Feed 3 Adult Mini Donkeys
Make 3 Mirrors


Quest 6: Let’s Door This


Harvest 25 Overberg Red Moraea’s
Make 4 Red Moraea Wreaths
Make 4 Pointy Garden Fences


Quest 7: Log Time Coming


Collect 5 Carpentry Toolkits
Feed 6 Adult Horses
Go Fishing 5 Times


Quest 8: Clean Getaway


Tend your Spinning Wheel 2 Times
Harvest 4 Pecan Trees
Make 4 Facial Soaps

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