Farmville Beat Sweet Acres Quests Guide

Farmville Beat Sweet Acres

Complete all this stage of Farmville Beat Sweet Acres to win a Shipping License. Players need to master a set of crops and upgrade several building in the Candy farm in order to win this prestigious item in Farmville. What is Shipping License for? when you have this item you can move and transfer your item from Sweet Acres farm to your home farm.


Farmville Beat Sweet Acres Stage 1:


Upgrade to the Highest Level of the Eversweet Tree

  • Level 6 maxed


1 Pk of 3 Turbo Chargers


Farmville Beat Sweet Acres Stage 2:


Master the following crops to level 3

– Master Snapjelly
– Master Butterscotch Blossom
– Master Licorice Vine
– Master Gummy Bud
– Master Lollipop Twist
– Master Marsh Melon
– Master Gumdrop Daisy
– Master Jellyanthemum
– Master Candy Jasmine
– Master Drop Lemon
– Master Sugar Rose


4000 Candy Points


Farmville Beat Sweet Acres Stage 3:


Upgrade theĀ Candy Factory to level 10


2000 Candy Points


Farmville Beat Sweet Acres Stage 4:


Upgrade the Sugar Shack to level 5


1 Instagrow


Reward upon completion of all four stages:

Beat Candy

1 Beat Candy Trophy

1 Sweet Acres Shipping License

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