Farmville Chills and Spills Quests Guide

Farmville Chills and Spills Quests

Get ready and prepare for a Snowball Fight in Farmville Chills and Spills Quests. It’s that time of the year once again as Barbra and Gino locked up on a Snowball fight. Gino is on the upper hand as he won last year battle but for this year Barbra will need our help in order to give him some payback. It’s a 9 part Farmville quests and players must complete all in 14 days.


Quests 1: Farmville Chills and Spills


Get 7 Long Underwear

Harvest 60 Ghost Chili

  • Harvest time: 6 hours

Craft 2 Holiday Feed Bags


Snow Fight Gnome

Snow Fight Gnome, 125 exp, 2500 coins


Quests 2: Farmville Snow’s the Thing!


Get 8 Puffy Jackets

Harvest 90 Ice Lily

  • Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 1 Sparkle Light Bucket


Ice Touched Goat

Ice Touched Goat. 150 exp, 3000 coins


Quests 3: Farmville Warm Wishes!


Get 9 Thick Hat

Harvest 120 Dynamite Pepper

  • Harvest time: 15 hours

Harvest Ice Touched Goat 2 Times


Turbo Charger

3 pack of Turbo Charger, 175 exp, 3500 coins


Quests 4: Farmville Fun in the Snow!


Get 10 Snow Scooper

Harvest 150 Peppermint

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Craft 2 Sparkle Light Bucket


Magic Snowball Tree

Magic Snowball Tree, 200 exp, 400 coins


Quests 5: Farmville Waiting and Watching!


Get 10 Snow Base

Harvest 180 Sunflowers

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Master Ice Touched Goat to 1 Star


Ice Touched Chicken

Ice Touched Chicken, 225 exp, 4500 coins


Quests 6: Farmville Decoys and Deception!


Get 11 Snow Man Decoy

Harvest 180 Ice Lily

  • Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 3 Glow Nails



Instagrow, 250 exp. 5000 coins


Quests 7: Farmville It’s a Trap!


Get 12 Snowflake Mittens

Harvest 200 Daffodils

  • Harvest time: 2 days (can be substituted with Lilac Daffy)

Master Ice Lily to 1 Star


Icicle Dream Tree

Icicle Dream Tree, 275 exp, 5500 coins


Quests 8: Farmville Plans! Plans! Plans!


Get 13 Snow Boots

Harvest 220 Gilded Flower

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Craft 2 Sparkle Light Bucket


Book of XP

Book of XP, 300 exp, 6000 coins


Quests 9: Farmville Icing on the Cake!


Get 14 Snow Sled

Harvest 240 Pink Rose

  • Harvest time: 2 days (can be substituted with English Rose)

Craft 3 Sparkle Light Chests


Sleet and Snow Unicorn

Sleet and Snow Unicorn, 325 exp, 6500 coins

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