Farmville Coming Up Roses Quests Guide

Farmville Coming Up Roses QuestsSweet Acres Quests of the week will start Monday and we will have the Farmville Coming Up Roses Quests. This will be the 4th installment of the Sweet Acres multi chapter quests. We will doing some crafting in the Sweet Shop and the Sugar Shack beside mastering a crop to level 1.


Quests 1: Farmville Coming Up Roses


Get 7 Sugar Roses

Harvest 70 Sprinkle Strawberry

Harvest the Great Candy Factory 2 Times


Sugar Rose Chicken

1x Sugar Rose Chicken, 1x pack of 3 Turbo Chargers, 2x Marshmortar, 190 candy points


Quests 2: Farmville Candy Is Forever


Get 8 Candy Necklaces

Harvest 80 Sweet Teacup

Make 3 Fuzzy Floats in the Sweet Shop


Candy Necklace Tree

1x Candy Necklace Tree, 1x Candy Blaster, 2x Gummy Bud Bushel, 2x Rye Bushel, 200 candy points


Quests 3: Farmville Reasons to Toast!


Get 9 Reasons To Toast

Harvest 90 Butterscotch Blossom

Craft 2 Gummy Bear Pudding


Strawberry Champagne Dragon

1x Strawberry Champagne Dragon, 1x Mystery Game Dart, 2x Sugar Hammer, 210 candy points


Quests 4: Farmville Playing Around


Get 9 Play Tickets

Harvest 100 Gumdrop Daisy

Master Gumdrop Daisy to 1 Star


Candace Candy Maker

1x Candace Candy Maker, 2 Special Delivery Box, 2 Marshmortar, 220 candy points


Quests 5: Farmville How Romantic


Get 10 Romantic Picnic Settings

Harvest 110 Gummy Bud

Make Jimmies 10 Times in the Sweet Shop


Poprock Pony

1x Poprock Pony, 2x Candy Blaster, 1x Lilac Bushel, 1x Lollipop Twist Bushel, 230 candy points


Quests 6: Farmville Some Alone Time


Get 12 Alone Times

Harvest 120 Marsh Melon

Craft 2 Toasted Cream Magic


Cool Mint Pegacorn

1x Cool Mint Pegacorn, 2x Sugar Hammer, 1x Sugar Rose Bushel, 240 candy points

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