Farmville: Endangered Species Day Quest Guide

Farmville Endangered Species Day

Mission Objective: Hello Farmer! It’s Farmville Endangered Species Day and I would like to share some good news. Over the years, many of our fellow inhabitants have been endangered from various hazards, natural and man made. However, today I would like to share with you some awesome news on how some of man’s preservation efforts have helped preserving endangered species. The Farmville Endangered Species Day Quests will run from May 12 to May 26.


Quest 1 : Endangered Species Day Part 1


Get 7 Save Animals Petition

Harvest 60 Dandelions
Harvest time: 8 Hours

Craft 3 Cranberry Coolers

Save Animals Petition Cranberry Cooler


Organic Foods Stand

Organic Foods Stand, 125 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: White Grape x9, Cove Cranberry x6, Sugar Cane x6


Quest 2 : Endangered Species Day Part 2


Get 8 Nature Friendly Packaging

Harvest 90 Cantaloupe
Harvest time: 12 Hours or can be substituted with Club Cantaloupe: 10 Hours

Craft 3 Verdant Tarts

Nature Friendly Packaging Verdant Tart


Book Of XP

Book of XP, 150 exp, 3000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Green Bean x12, Brussel Sprout x12


Quest 3 : Endangered Species Day Part 3


Get 9 Organic Food

Harvest 120 Madder Root
Harvest time: 20 Hours

Craft 3 Floral Perfumes

Organic Food Floral Perfume


3 pack of Turbo Chargers

Turbo Chargers, 175 exp, 3500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry x12, Morning Glory x12


Quest 4 : Endangered Species Day Part 4


Get 10 Backyard Gardening

Harvest 150 Popcorn
Harvest time: 24 Hours or can be substituted with Golden Popcorn Carnation: 8 Hours

Craft 2 Fruit Punchs

Backyard Gardening Fruit Wine


Spectacular Tiger

Spectacular Tiger, 200 exp, 4000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Raspberry x6, Blueberry x6, Sugar Cane x4


Quest 5 : Endangered Species Day Part 5


Get 10 Considerate Diet Plan

Harvest 180 Licorice Plant
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Triple Berry Pies

Considerate Diet Plan Triple Berry Pie



Unwither, 225 exp, 4500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry x6, Blackberry x4, Raspberry x6


Quest 6 : Endangered Species Day Part 6


Get 11 Recycle Trash Flyers

Harvest 180 Peppers
Harvest time: 24 Hours or can be substituted with Green Pepper: 2 Hours.

Craft 2 Petal Sachets

Recycle Trash Flyers Petal Sachet


Super Fertilizer

Super Fertilizer, 250 exp, 5000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Iris x2, Sunflower x4, Pepper x2


Quest 7 : Endangered Species Day Part 7


Get 12 Picnic Baskets

Harvest 200 One Planet Crop
Harvest time: 2 Days

Craft 2 Strawberry Cranberry Juices

Picnic Baskets One Planet Crop Strawberry-Cranberry Juice


Wandering Deer

Wandering Deer, 275 exp, 5500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Strawberry x6, Raspberry x4, Cranberry x6


Quest 8 : Endangered Species Day Part 8


Get 13 Reusable Decorations

Harvest 220 Red Chrysanthemum
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Zucchini Muffins

Reusable Decorations Zucchini Muffin


Instagrow Potion

Instagrow, 300 exp, 6000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Zucchini x6, Red Wheat x2, White Grape x6


Quest 9 : Endangered Species Day Part 9


Get 14 Cozy Bird Feeder

Harvest 240 One Planet Crop
Harvest time: 2 Days

Craft 2 Restoring Candles

Cozy Bird Feeder One Planet Crop Restoring Candle


Uplifting Pegacorn

Uplifting Pegacorn, 325 exp, 6500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Green Tea x8, Ghost Chili x4, Sunflower x2

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