Farmville Feed the Fungus Quests Guide

Farmville Feed the Fungus Quests

Enchanted Glen Quests this week continues in Farmville Feed the Fungus Quests. This will be Enchanted Glen Quests Chapter 6 and it continue to foretold the ongoing drama in the Fairy Kingdom. Players will have 1 week to complete this mission and to win all the rewards. One thing though these are farm exclusive so crops harvesting will only be carried out in the Enchanted Glen farm.


Quest 1: Farmville Feed the Fungus


Get 6 Mushroom Food

Harvest 20 Boggart Bulb

  • Harvest in 1 day

Harvest Home Mushroom Twice


Toadstool Turtle, 150 xp, 310 FP, Magic Maple x2, 3000 coins


Quest 2: Farmville Enchanted Water


Get 8 Ferngully Water

Harvest 20 Fairy Foxglove

  • Harvest in 1 day

Harvest Toadstool Turtle Twice

  • Harvest in the Pet Run


Ferngully, 200 xp, 320 FP, Rain Drops x2, 3500 coins


Quest 3: Farmville It’s All in the Dirt


Get 8 Magic Soil

Harvest 30 Butterfly Rose

  • Harvest in 16 hours

Make 2 Boggart Bread


Fairy Dust Satchel Tree, 250 xp, 330 FP, Fairy Fust x2, 4000 coins


Quest 4: Farmville Sing, Sing a Song…


Get 8 Song of Growth

Harvest 200 Dream Cotton

  • Harvest in 12 hours

Master Toadstool Turtle 1 Star

  • Harvest 5 times


Singing Brownie Bull, 300 xp, 340 FP, Magic Maple x2, 4500 coins


Quest 5: Farmville Just Dance


Get 9 Dance Steps of Growth

Harvest 225 Goblin Vine

  • Harvest in 8 hours

Harvest Singing Brownie Bull Twice

  • Harvest in the Cow Pasture


Dance of Growth, 350 xp, 350 FP, Raindrops x2, 5000 coins


Quest 6: Farmville Retire the Spire


Get 10 Home Mushroom Seeds

Harvest 250 Pixieberry

  • Harvest in 2 days

Upgrade Home Mushroom to Level 7


Toadstool Unicorn, 400 xp, 360 FP, Fairy Dust x2, 5500 coins


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