Farmville Happy Mother’s Day Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Do you know what day it is in Farmville Happy Mother’s Day Quest? It’s Mother’s Day! I’m planning a day out with Mum. We have here a guide that covers this Farmville quests where it will help you complete this ahead of the time limit. Prepare ahead and plan the best possible approach in completing this. The Farmville Happy Mother’s Day Quest is available from May 3 to 17.

Quest 1: Happy Mother’s Day Part 1


Get 7 Memories with Mum

Harvest 60 Bold Beets
Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 3 Seaweed Soaps


Mama Love Cat, 150 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Kelp Bushels x6, Green Tea Bushels x9, Aloe Vera Bushels x12


Quest 2: Happy Mother’s Day Part 2


Get 8 Plushie Gifts

Harvest 90 Swiss Chard
Harvest time: 14 hours or Rainbow Chard: 4 hours

Craft 3 Rascal Cookies


Book of XP, 200 exp, 3000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Okra Bushels x12, Alfalfa Bushels x12


Quest 3: Happy Mother’s Day Part 3


Get 9 Wool Mittens

Harvest 120 Angel Mother Bouquet
Harvest time: 14 hours

Craft 3 Ice Grape Blast


Turbo Charger, 250 exp, 3500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Frozen Grapes Bushels x6, Wheat Bushels x6, Blueberry Bushels x9


Quest 4: Happy Mother’s Day Part 4


Get 10 Special Party Hats

Harvest 150 Rhubarb
Harvest time: 16 hours

Craft 2 Fruit Punch


Joyful Mama Dog, 300 exp, 4000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Raspberry Bushels x6, Blueberry Bushels x6, Sugar Cane Bushels x4


Quest 5: Happy Mother’s Day Part 5


Get 10 Mommys Story Books

Harvest 180 Angel Mother Bouquet
Harvest time: 14 hours

Craft 2 Triple Berry Pie


Turbo Charger, 350 exp, 4500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry Bushels x6, Blackberry Bushels x4, Raspberry Bushels x6


Quest 6: Happy Mother’s Day Part 6


Get 11 Paintings of Mum

Harvest 180 Soybeans
Harvest time: 24 hours

Craft 2 Dill Candle


Super Fertilizer, 400 exp, 5000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Dill Bushels x6, Pepper Bushels x6, Green Tea Bushels x4


Quest 7: Happy Mother’s Day Part 7


Get 12 Mommas Secret Cookies

Harvest 200 Squirting Sunflower
Harvest time: 24 hours

Craft 2 Lily Bath Bomb


Playful Mum Bear, 450 exp, 5500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Lily Bushels x8, Peppermint Bushels x8, Columbine Bushels x8


Quest 8: Happy Mother’s Day Part 8


Get 13 Holiday Letters

Harvest 220 Pink Rose
Harvest time: 2 days or Forbidden Rose: 2 hours

Craft 1 Blackberry Explosion


Instagrow, 500 exp, 6000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blackberry Bushels x3, Grape Bushels x1, White Grape Bushels x3


Quest 9: Happy Mother’s Day Part 9


Get 14 Fair Tickets

Harvest 240 Daffodils
Harvest time: 2 days or Lilac Daffy:  16 hours

Craft 2 Zucchini Muffin


Caring Mama Unicorn, 550 exp, 6500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Zucchini Bushels x6, Red Wheat Bushels x2, White Grape Bushels x6

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