Farmville Keeping Up Appearances Quests Guide

Farmville Keeping Up Appearances

Join Marco for another adventure in Holiday Lights farm with Farmville Keeping Up Appearances Quests. Marco who is an artist who is responsible in decorating the Hollybright will be accompanying us in this mission. Players will be receiving a reward everytime they finish a stage. There will be six stage to complete.


Quests 1: Farmville Keeping Up Appearances


Get 7 Replacement Bulbs

Harvest 70 Cinnabursts

  • Harvest time: 8 hours

Craft Sparkle Lights 2 Times


Light Bulb Chicken

Light Bulb Chicken, Holly Bright Scissors, 190 Light Points, 3000 Coins


Quests 2: Farmville High Tech Art


Get 8 Fiber Optic Cables

Harvest 80 Auroral Rosemary

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Make 5 Holiday Feedbags


Lights Fantastic Tree

Lights Fantastic Tree, Fertilize All, 200 Light Points, 3500 Coins


Quests 3: Farmville (Be)hold the Lights!


Get 9 Fancy Fixtures

Harvest 90 Roasting Chestnuts

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Finish 1 Hollybright Zoo


Snowy White Horse

Snowy White Horse, Special Delivery Box, 210 Light Points, 4000 Coins


Quests 4: Farmville Get to Giving


Get 9 Volunteers

Harvest 100 Candle Light Cranberries

  • Harvest time: 1 day

Craft 2 Blueberry Cupcakes


Holiday Bouquet Tree

Holiday Bouquet Tree, 1 Holly Crowbar, 220 Light Points, 4500 Coins


Quests 5: Farmville Make It Shine


Get 10 Good Tidings

Harvest 110 Santaberries

  • Harvest time: 4 hours

Harvest Snowy Horse 2 Times


Cloud 9 Gnome

Cloud 9 Gnome, Special Delivery Box, 230 Light Points, 5000 Coins


Quests 6: Farmville Spread the Cheer


Get 12 Cheer Spreaders

Harvest 120 Fa La La La-Lavender

  • Harvest time: 3 days

Open the 5th Hollybright Tree Present


Cheery Pegacorn

Cheery Pegacorn, Pack of Turbo Chargers, 240 Light Points, 5500 Coins

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