Farmville: Labor Day Guide

Labor Day

Farmville and Zynga is adding a new mission into the game this Thursday. You can now start preparing for the Farmville Labor Day Quests where you will help a friend prepare for the Labor Day party. This is an all farm regular quests which means you can carry them in any farm location. The Labor Day will be available from September 3 to 17.


Quest 1: Labor Day Part 1


Get 7 Pipe Wrenches

Harvest 60 Dandelions
Harvest time: 8 Hours

Craft 3 Floral Perfumes

Pipe Wrenches Floral Perfume


Hard Workin Piggy

Hard Workin Piggy, 125 exp, 2500 coins


Quest 2: Labor Day Part 2


Get 8 Spades

Harvest 90 Coffee
Harvest time: 16 hours and can be substituted with Kona Coffee

Craft 3 Vita Drinks

Spades Vita Drink


Book Of XP

Book of XP, 150 exp, 3000 coins


Quest 3: Labor Day Part 3


Get 9 Hammers

Harvest 120 Chickpeas
Harvest time: 20 Hours and can be substituted with Sol Chickpeas-8 Hours

Craft 3 Pumpkin Breads

Hammers Pumpkin Bread


3 pack of Turbo Chargers

Turbo Charger, 175 exp, 3500 coins


Quest 4: Labor Day Part 4


Get 10 Crowbars

Harvest 150 Bolt Flowers
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Mint Lotions

Crowbars Bolt Flowers Mint Lotion


Parade Dancer Chicken

Parade Dancer Chicken, 200 exp, 4000 coins


Quest 5: Labor Day Part 5


Get 10 Hard Hats

Harvest 180 Gooseberries
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Cauliflower Gratins

Hard Hats Cauliflower Gratin



Unwither, 225 exp, 4500 coins


Quest 6: Labor Day Part 6


Get 11 Power Drills

Harvest 180 Peppermint
Harvest time: 24 Hours or can be substituted with Choco Mint: 16 Hours

Craft 2 Spicy Tomato Juices

Power Drills Spicy Tomato Juice


Super Fertilizer

Super Fertilizer, 250 exp, 5000 coins


Quest 7: Labor Day Part 7


Get 12 Safety Goggles

Harvest 200 Nutmeg
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Raspberry Energy Drinks

Safety Goggles Raspberry Wine


Eagle Fountain

Eagle Fountain, 275 exp, 5500 coins


Quest 8: Labor Day Part 8


Get 13 Safety Suits

Harvest 220 Pink Rose
Harvest time: 2 Days or can be substituted with English Roses: 6 Hours

Craft 1 Dreamy Scented Oil

Safety Suits Dreamy Scented Oil


Instagrow Potion

Instagrow, 300 exp, 6000 coins


Quest 9: Labor Day Part 9


Get 14 Fluro Vests

Harvest 240 Bolt Flowers
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Rose Macaroons

Fluro Vests Bolt Flowers Rose Macaroon


Flagship Unicorn

Flagship Unicorn, 325 exp, 6500 coins

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