Farmville Las Fallas Quest Guide

Mission Objective: I’m going to Spain for the Farmville Las Fallas festival. Do you want to come with me? It’ll be a lot of fun! Here you will find the information on how to complete this mission. Plan ahead and prepare the best possible approach on how to  complete them quickly. The Las Fellas Quests will run from March 8 to 22.

Quest 1 : Las Fallas Part 1


Get 7 Colorful Paint

Harvest 60 Tomatoes
Harvest time: 8 Hours or Tomato Bombs: 4 Hours

Craft 3 Sweet Energy Drinks


Fallas Festival Gnomette, 150 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Rice Bushels x15, Cranberry Bushels x9


Quest 2 : Las Fallas Part 2


Get 8 Gypsum Plaster

Harvest 90 Fallas Swirl Mushroom
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 3 Marigold Lotions


Book of XP, 200 exp, 3000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Yellow Marigold Bushels x9, Flax Bushels x9, Raspberry Bushels x3


Quest 3 : Las Fallas Part 3


Get 9 Festive Dolls

Harvest 120 Green Strawberries
Harvest time: 16 Hours

Craft 3 Organic Very Berry Gelatins


Turbo Charger, 250 exp, 3500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Grape Bushels x3, Blueberry Bushels x9, Raspberry Bushels x9


Quest 4 : Las Fallas Part 4


Get 10 Festive Puppets

Harvest 150 Fallas Swirl Mushroom
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Fruit Punchs


Fallas Chimp Band, 300 exp, 4000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Raspberry Bushels x6, Blueberry Bushels x6, Sugar Cane Bushels x4


Quest 5 : Las Fallas Part 5


Get 10 Colorful Paint Brush

Harvest 180 Grape
Harvest time:  24 Hours or Beaded Grape: 4 Hours

Craft 2 Devotion Perfumes


Unwither, 350 exp, 4500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry Bushels x6, Lilac Bushels x6, Basil Bushels x4


Quest 6 : Las Fallas Part 6


Get 11 Crimson Paint Bucket

Harvest 180 Plum Blossom
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Triple Berry Pies


Super Fertilizer, 400 exp, 5000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry Bushels x6, Blackberry Bushels x4, Raspberry Bushels x6


Quest 7 : Las Fallas Part 7


Get 12 Flame Torch

Harvest 200 Canning Peaches
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Blackberry Explosions


Fallas Mermaid, 450 exp, 5500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blackberry Bushels x6, Grape Bushels x2, White Grape Bushels x6


Quest 8 : Las Fallas Part 8


Get 13 Traditional Paella

Harvest 220 Bell Pepper
Harvest time: 2 Days or Green Pepper: 2 Hours or Red Pepper: 2 Hours

Craft 1 Energizing Lotion


Instant Grow, 500 exp, 6000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Red Tulip Bushels x1, Aloe Vera Bushels x3, Blackberry Bushels x3


Quest 9 : Las Fallas Part 9


Get 14 Celebration Firecrackers

Harvest 240 Broccoli
Harvest time: 2 Days or Purple Broccoli: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Zucchini Muffin


Las Fallas Float, 550 exp, 6500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Zucchini Bushels x6, Red Wheat Bushels x2, White Grape Bushels x6

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