Farmville: Open Air – Horseman Hollow Quests 3

Horseman's Hollow Ch 3

Prepare for another chapter of Farmville Horsemans Hollow Quests this Monday. On this chapter, we will tackle the different advantages of exploring the Horseman’s Hollow farm at night. There are a couple of crafting part but we got you covered for we already listed what recipes we will be crafting.


Quests 1: Open Air: Part 1


Get 7 Spooky Lantern

Harvest 35 Nightly Stick Seed
Harvest time: 4 Hours

Craft 2 Halloween Necklace


Autumn Voyager Sheep

Autumn Voyager Sheep, 150 exp, 3000 coins


Quests 2: Open Air: Part 2


Get 8 Bat Wing

Harvest 50 Autumn Cabbage
Harvest time: 4 Hours

Harvest Autumn Voyager Sheep 1 Time


Autumn Bonfire Swings

Autumn Bonfire Swings, 175 exp, 3500 coins


Quests 3: Open Air: Part 3


Get 9 Gargoyle

Harvest 60 Titan Arum
Harvest time: 6 Hours

Craft 3 Scare Potion


Autumn Tamarind Tree

Autumn Tamarind Tree, 200 xp, 4000 coins


Quests 4: Open Air: Part 4


Get 9 Ruby Talisman

Harvest 70 Prickly Potato
Harvest time: 12 Hours

Craft 3 Jewelled Spyglass


Orange Dodo

Orange Dodo, 225 exp, 4500 coins


Quests 5: Open Air: Part 5


Get 10 Spider Web

Harvest 85 Wild Justle
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Harvest Orange Dodo 2 Times


Autumn Caroling Horse

Autumn Caroling Horse, 250 exp, 5000 coins


Quests 6: Open Air: Part 6


Get 12 Forbidden Orchid

Harvest 100 Echo Shellica
Harvest time: 48 Hours

Master Autumn Caroling Horse to 1 Star


Autumn Fairy Pegacorn

Autumn Fairy Pegacorn, 275 exp, 5500 coins

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