Farmville: Savannah Safari Quests 3 Guide

Savannah Safari Quests 3

Farmville and Zynga is adding a new Savannah Safari Quests on Monday. You can now start preparing for the Farmville The Jungle It’s Alive Chapter where it will have 8 stage for you to complete. This will be the 3rd chapter of the Savannah Safari farm quests and it will be available from August 10 to 17.


Quest 1: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 1


Get 7 Memory cards

Harvest 80 African Cucumber
Harvest time: 10 Mins

Craft 3 Golden Honey Potion

Memory cards African Cucumber Golden Honey Potion


Beaded Khaya Tree

Beaded Khaya Tree, 150 exp, 3000 coins


Quest 2: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 2


Get 8 ORS Packs

Harvest 120 Swirly Vine Bowl
Harvest time: 30 Mins

Craft 3 Green Bubble potion

ORS Packs Swirly Vine Bowl Green Bubble Potion


Ankara Gown Gnomette

Ankara Gown Gnomette, 175 exp, 3500 coins


Quest 3: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 3


Get 9 Rations

Harvest 80 Floro Swirl
Harvest time: 14 Hours

Craft 2 Herb Pounder

Rations Floro Swirl Herb Pounder


Savannah Spots Sheep

Savannah Spots Sheep, 200 exp, 4000 coins


Quest 4: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 4


Get 9 Mosquito Repellent

Harvest 120 Spider Iris
Harvest time: 16 Hours

Craft 3 Searing Concoction

Mosquito Repellent Spider Iris Searing Concoction


Photographer Giraffe

Photographer Giraffe, 225 exp, 4500 coins


Quest 5: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 5


Get 10 Chem Lights

Harvest 140 Bloomed Bounty
Harvest time: 16 Hours

Craft 3 Mortar Pestle

Chem Lights Bloomed Bounty Mortar Pestle


Savannah Stilt House

Savannah Stilt House, 250 exp, 5000 coins


Quest 6: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 6


Get 12 IR Cameras

Harvest 160 Exotic Twirl
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 2 Felix Potion

IR Cameras Exotic Twirl Felix Potion


Savannah Watch Tower

Savannah Watch Tower, 275 exp, 5500 coins


Quest 7: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 7


Get 8 Trekking Rucksack

Harvest 80 Pollia Condensata
Harvest time: 10 Mins

Craft 2 Feathered Headdress

Trekking Rucksack Pollia Condensata Feathered Headdress




Quest 8: The Jungle! It’s Alive!: Part 8


Get 9 ND Filters

Harvest 80 African Gourmet Mushroom
Harvest time: 6 Hours

Craft 2 Sack of Herbs

ND Filters African Gourmet Mushroom Sack of Herbs


Mustard Bolero Horse

Mustard Bolero Horse, 325 exp, 6500 coins

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