Farmville Sprouting Holidays Quest Guide

Farmville Sprouting Holidays Quests

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Mistletoe Lane Chapter 4 will be out in Farmville this Monday and we will help Zang give Nick a hand at running Mistletoe Lane with this 6 part mission. Zang was sent by the Big Guy (Santa) to help Mistletoe Lane during this Holiday Season. So let’s prepare and gather some bushels because we will be crafting a lot on this chapter. We will put the Patisserie in use by making five recipes, one recipe each of the 5 stages. Let’s fire up the tractor and flex those hand muscle for another winter quest in Farm ville.


Quests 1: Farmville Sprouting Holidays


Get 6 Frosted Acorns

Harvest 35 Cider Apple

  • Harvest in 16 hours

Make Benne Cake 2 Times


Autumn Plumed Turkey, 150 xp, 3000 coins


Quests 2: Farmville Of Antlers and Arborists


Get 8 Antler Seeds

Harvest 50 Wax Beans

  • Harvest in 16 hours

Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times


Reindeer Tree, 200 xp, 3500 coins


Quests 3: Farmville Northern Nibblers


Get 8 Winterbit Grasses

Harvest 70 Winter Squash

  • Harvest in 2 days

Make Apple Cider 2 Times


White Wombat, 250 xp, 4000 coins


Quests 4: Farmville Parading Spaces


Get 8 Pinecone Powders

Harvest 100 Flint Corn

  • Harvest in 1 day

Make Holiday Pudding 3 Times


Pine Cone Hut, 300 xp, 4500 coins


Quests 5: Farmville Woodsy Welcome


Get 9 Woodberries

Harvest 125 Winter Grain

  • Harvest in 1 day

Master Autumn Plumed Turkey to 1-Star

  • Harvest this in the Aviary so that you can harvest it in one day. If you have two Aviary then it will be easy because after harvesting it from one Aviary you can just remove and place it in your other Aviary to harvest it again.


Mint Bark Tree, 350 xp, 5000 coins


Quests 6: Farmville Something Amoose


Get 10 Reindeer Mosses

Harvest 150 Chocomint

  • Harvest in 16 hours

Make Holiday Cookies 2 Times


White Caribou, 400 xp, 5500 coins


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