Farmville The Fine Print Quest Guide


Farmville Sweet Acres Chapter 8

Welcome to the Chapter 8 of Sweet Acres Quests featuring Farmville The Fine Print Quests. After being the apprentice in the past chapter of Cary Candymaker you will now be inline to inherit the responsibility of running the Sweet Acres farm. The quest itself will have 6 stage and will tell the story about how Cary chooses you to become his successor.


Quests 1: The Fine Print


Get 7 Signed Agreements

Harvest 125 Long Stem Cupcake

Craft 2 Cherry Chocolates


Pink Frosted Cow

Pink Frosted Cow x1, Pack of Turbo Chargers x3, Marshmortar x2, 370 candy points


Quests 2: All Yours


Get 8 Keys to the Sugar Shack

Harvest 175 Sprinkle Strawberry

Harvest the Great Candy Factory 2 Times


Green Bliss Blossom

Green Bliss Blossom x1, Mystery Game Dart x1, Candy Blaster x2, 380 candy points


Quests 3: A Sweet Shop for the Sweet


Get 9 Keys to the Sweet Shop

Harvest 225 Drop Lemons

Make 2 Bubble Brittle in the Sweet Shop


Hard Candicorn

Hard Candicorn x1, Butterscotch Blossom Bushel x1, Sugar Hammer x2, 390 candy points


Quests 4: Factory Keys


Get 9 Keys to the Factory

Harvest 275 Gummy Bud

Master Lotus Mint to 1 Star


Pink Lemonade Fountain

Pink Lemonade Fountain x1, Jellyanthemum Bushel x1, Marshmortar x2, 400 candy points


Quests 5: The Key to the City


Get 10 Keys to Sweet Acres

Harvest 325 Licorice Vine

Craft Butter Cream Bliss 2 Times


Orange Cream Tree

Orange Cream Tree x1, Unwither x1, Candy Blaster x2, 410 candy points


Quests 6: Pure Imagination


Get 12 Pure Imagination

Harvest 400 Jellyanthemum

Make 1 Angel Cake in the Sweet Shop


Hard Candicorn

Pure Imagination Pegacorn x1, Book of XP x1, Sugar Hammer x2, 420 candy points

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