Farmville The Good Old Days Quest Guide

Farmville The Good Old DaysPart 3 of Sweet Acres Quest will be release this Monday with Farmville The Good Old Days Quests. Players will be working on this 6 quests exclusively in the Sweet Acres farm. There will be some crafting so might as well collect the bushels early. Be careful on the build Orchard part though. Gather the materials first but don’t build it yet. Wait for the quest to asked for it in order to avoid the previous bug.


Quests 1: Farmville The Good Old Days


Get 7 Candy Crayons

Harvest 70 Sugarbell

Craft 1 Angel’s Halo


Candy Crayon Tree

Candy Crayon Tree, Cookie Petals Bushel x1, Gummy Bud Bushel x1, Marshmortar x2, 130 candy points


Quests 2: Farmville Music, Sweet Music


Get 8 Sweet Music

Harvest 80 Gumdrop Daisy

Harvest 150 Lollipop Twist


Sweet Music Tree

Sweet Music Tree, Whoopie Thistle Bushel x1, 1 Lollipop Twist Bushel x1, Candy Blaster x2, 140 candy points


Quests 3: Farmville Gone Fishin’


Get 9 Fishing Canes

Harvest 90 Drop Lemon

Make 2 Unicorn Fizz


Candy Fishin

Candy Fishin’ Gnome, Candy Jasmine Bushel x2, Sugar Hammer x2, 150 candy points


Quests 4: Farmville Tiny Dancer


Get 9 Sugar Slippers

Harvest 100 Jellyanthemum

Master Lollipop Twist to 1 Star


Sweet Ballerina

Sweet Ballerina Costume, Special Delivery Box x2, Marshmortar x2, 160 candy points


Quests 5: Farmville See the Sweets!


Get 10 Sweetseeing Maps

Harvest 110 Gumball Poppy

Finish Building a Candy Paddock


Sweet Baby Dragon

Sweet Baby Dragon, Sugarbell Bushel x1, Candy Jasmine Bushel x1, Candy Blaster x2, 170 candy points


Quests 6: Farmville Misty Candy Colored Memories


Get 12 Happy Memories

Harvest 120 Licorice Vine

Craft 1 Stunning English Trifle


Sweet Dreams Unicorn

Sweet Dreams Unicorn, Snapjelly Bushel x2, Sugar Hammer x2, 180 candy points


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