Farmville Whirling Dervishes Festival Quests

Mission Objective: Fellow lover of dance, I have some exciting news for you in Farmville Whirling Dervishes Festival Quests. We are going to the Whirling Dervishes Festival. Find out where to buy plane ticket so that we can join the Whirling Dervishes. Here you will find all the information you will need in completing this mission. The Whirling Dervishes Festival Quests is available from December 14 to 28.


Quest 1: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 1


Get 7 Arabian Gift Dagger

Harvest 60 Dervish Daisies
Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 3 Ice Grape Blasts


Dervish Gnome, 150 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Frozen Grapes x6, Wheat x6, Blueberry x9


Quest 2: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 2


Get 8 Exotic Arabian Perfume

Harvest 90 Leek
Harvest time: 16 hours  or Wild Leek: 6 hours

Craft 3 Fresh Sachets


Book of XP, 200 exp, 2000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Pumpkin x9, Cranberry x9, Sunflower x3


Quest 3: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 3


Get 9 Middle Eastern Giftbox

Harvest 120 Chickpeas
Harvest time: 20 hours or Chickpea Bloom: 15 mins

Craft 3 Berry Burst Pies


Turbo Chargers, 250 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Raspberry x9, Strawberry x9, Blueberry x9


Quest 4: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 4


Get 10 Middle Eastern Goblet

Harvest 150 Dervish Daisies
Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 2 Oriental Elixirs


Turkish Trader Gnome, 300 exp, 3000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Rice x8, Green Tea x4, Lilac x4


Quest 5: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 5


Get 10 Special Mist Lanter

Harvest 180 Amber Grain
Harvest time: 24 hours

Craft 2 Devotion Perfumes


Unwither, 350 exp, 3500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blueberry x6, Lilac x6, Basil x4


Quest 6: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 6


Get 11 Gypsy Love Potion

Harvest 180 Soybeans
Harvest time: 24 hours

Craft 2 Patty Pan Tarts


Super Fertilizer, 400 exp, 4000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Pattypan x6, Onion x4, Rice x6


Quest 7: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 7


Get 12 Magic Firefly Lantern

Harvest 200 Blue Rose
Harvest time: 24 hours or Felt Rose: 10 mins

Craft 2 Strawberry Cranberry Juices


Turkish Henna Giraffe, 450 exp, 4500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Strawberry x6, Raspberry x4, Cranberry x6


Quest 8: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 8


Get 13 Exotic Mystical Perfume

Harvest 220 Cabbages
Harvest time: 2 days or Deep Sea Cabbage: 4 hours

Craft 1 Dreamy Scented Oil


Instagrow, 500 exp, 5000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Lavender x1, Pink Rose x1, Raspberry x5


Quest 9: Whirling Dervishes Festival Part 9


Get 14 Mystic Night Perfume

Harvest 240 Daffodils
Harvest time: 2 days or Snowed Daffodil: 15 mins

Craft 2 Raspberry Blondie


Arab Bedouin Unicorn, 550 exp, 5500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Wheat x4, Rice x6, Raspberry x6

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