Farmville: Wild West Quest 5 (All That Glitters)

Wild West Ranch Quests 5

Zynga is about to released on Monday the next chapter for the Wild West Quests featuring the Farmville All That Glitters. You will be working with this 6 part farm exclusive quests and win cool items for your farm. Players will be given 7 days to complete the following tasks:


Quests 1: All That Glitters…: Part 1


Get 7 Serapes

Harvest 80 Sungold
Harvest time: 30 mins

Craft 2 Lemon Cheesecake


Cheatin’ Poker Chicken

Cheatin’ Poker Chicken, 150 exp, 3000 coins


Quests 2: All That Glitters…: Part 2


Get 8 Water Canteens

Harvest 120 Evergreen Frangipani
Harvest time: 10 mins

Craft 2 Hot Rock Cookies


Black Top Bandit Gnome

Black Top Bandit Gnome, 200 exp, 3500 coins


Quests 3: All That Glitters…: Part 3


Get 9 Cowboy Scarves

Harvest 80 Ranch Blue Agave
Harvest time: 6 hours

Craft 2 Harvesters Pouch


Gentleman Badger

Gentleman Badger, 250 exp, 4000 coins


Quests 4: All That Glitters…: Part 4


Get 9 Bedrolls

Harvest 120 Wild Poppy
Harvest time: 8 hours

Craft 3 Pecan Pie


Wrangler Tree

Wrangler Tree, 300 exp, 4500 coins


Quests 5: All That Glitters…: Part 5


Get 10 Fringe Riding Gloves

Harvest 140 Radiant Sunflower
Harvest time: 10 hours

Craft 4 Cowboy Leather Boots


Accordion Duck

Accordion Duck, 350 exp, 5000 coins


Quests 6: All That Glitters…: Part 6


Get 12 Saddle Bags

Harvest 160 Pink Buckeye
Harvest time: 24 Hours

Craft 3 Wagon Wheel


Bar Tender Horse

Bar Tender Horse, 400 exp, 5500 coins

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