Farmville World Music Festival Quest Guide

Mission Objective: Yo Farmer! You ready to rock? It’s time for the Farmville World Music Festival. here you will find all the information you will need in finishing this Farmville Quests. Get ahead and prepare for this mission with the help  from this guide. The World Music Festival Quest is available from November 23 to December 7.


Quest 1: World Music Festival Part 1


Get 7 Acoustic Guitar

Harvest 60 Cranberry
Harvest time: 10 hours or can be replaced by White Cranberry: 12 hours

Craft 3 Malted Sodas


Acoustic Monkey, 150 exp, 2500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Licorice Plant x9, Peppermint x9, Dandelion x9


Quest 2: World Music Festival Part 2


Get 8 Classical Flute

Harvest 90 Watermelon Drum
Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 3 Marigold Lotions


Book of XP, 200 exp, 3000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Yellow Marigold x9, Flax x9, Raspberry x3


Quest 3: World Music Festival Part 3


Get 9 Golden Pick

Harvest 120 Ersatz Garlic
Harvest time: 16 hours

Craft 3 Shrimp Toasts


Turbo Charger, 250 exp, 3500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Shrimp x6, Rye x6, Onion x9


Quest 4: World Music Festival Part 4


Get 10 Sound Amplifier

Harvest 150 Watermelon Drum
Harvest time: 12 hours

Craft 2 Oriental Elixirs


Jazzmaster Gnome, 300 exp, 4000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Rice x8, Green Tea x4, Lilac x4


Quest 5: World Music Festival Part 5


Get 10 Traditional Tribal Drums

Harvest 180 Madder Root
Harvest time: 20 hours

Craft 2 Flower Lei


Unwither, 350 exp, 4500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Double Pikake x6, Daffodil x2, Lily x4


Quest 6: World Music Festival Part 6


Get 11 Electro Acoustic Guitar

Harvest 180 Plum Blossom
Harvest time: 24 hours

Craft 2 Egg Breads


Super Fertilizer, 400 exp, 5000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Taro x8, Wheat x6, Rye x4


Quest 7: World Music Festival Part 7


Get 12 Old Vinyl Records

Harvest 200 Popcorn
Harvest time: 24 hours or can be replaced by Golden Popcorn Carnation: 8 hours

Craft 2 Blackberry Explosions


Reggae Kangaroo, 450 exp, 5500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Blackberry x6, Grape x2, White Grape x6


Quest 8: World Music Festival Part 8


Get 13 Musical Notes Sheet

Harvest 220 Squash
Harvest time: 48 hours or can be replaced by Pumpkin: 8 hours.

Craft 1 Organic Stem Latkes


Instagrow, 500 exp, 6000 coins

Prepare these bushels: Broccoli x3, Carrot x4, Wheat x3


Quest 9: World Music Festival Part 9


Get 14 Grand Piano

Harvest 240 Pink Rose
Harvest time: 2 days or can be replaced by Strawberry Rose: 4 or Forbidden Rose: 2 hours

Craft 2 Lily Bath Bombs


Soundlover Unicorn, 550 exp, 6500 coins

Prepare these bushels: Lily x8, Peppermint x8, Columbine x8

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