Fletching Bench | Farmville 2

Coming next week is a new feature called the Farmville 2 Fletching Bench where you will be building this together with the help of Gus. You will feed pheasants in order to collect feathers and then exchange it for a reward.


Fletching Bench


Fletching Bench

Fletching Bench


Build a Fletching Bench

Build a Fletching Bench




The 3 type of feathers:

  • Gold Fletching
  • Green Fletching
  • Red Flectching


Feltching Feathers



The reward Baby Pied Emerald Spalding Peacock:

Pied Emerald Spalding PeacockBaby Pied Emerald Spalding Peacock


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  1. Zynga is going crazy with new animals to the [point there is simply no room on most farms for them and they refuse to increase the number (current maximum is 55) people can have

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