Pioneer Trail Beautiful Breed Mission Text Guide

Pioneer Trail Beautiful Breed Mission

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Frontierville/Pioneer Trail has just released the Beautiful Breed Mission where players can now raised prized Pretty Ponies and Horses. This is part of the Prized animal quest series in Pioneer Trail. Players can now perform the following missions: Rearin’ Up, Hot to Trot, A Horse of Course, The Big Makeover and Exquisite Equines.

Mission 1: Pioneer Trail Rearin’ Up

– Don’t you worry none, pardner! Go out and get yourself a Beautiful Breed Horse to raise and prep, and you’ll be helpin’ me big-time in the parade!


Place the Training Center

Buy and place a Beautiful Breed Horse on yer Homestead

Feed the Beautiful Breed Horse three times


Breed Certificate, Wheat Ready Boosts x5, 250 xp


Mission 2: Pioneer Trail Hot to Trot

– It looks like you could use yerself some Sweet Feed! Here’s a tip: Wheat sometimes drops what’cha need fer makin’ more feed!


Feed Beautiful Breed Horses 15 times

Harvest 30 Wheat

Upgrade your Training Center


Spotted Saddle Horse unlocked, 1 Black Bear Cub, Best in Breed Wreath


Mission 3: Pioneer Trail A Horse of Course

– Well, look at that! Now EVERYBODY wants a piece of them Beautifully Bred horses! Get out there and create a real equestrian masterpiece!


Tend Black Bear Cub 15 times

Feed yer Spotted Saddle Beautiful Breed Horse 20 times

Upgrade your Training Center


Fjord Horse, 5 Sparkling Roses, Pooper Scooper


Mission 4: Pioneer Trail The Big Makeover

– Now here’s a bit o’ wisdom that’s sure to please: Beautiful Breed Horses get all worked up when they get a whiff of them pretty Sparkling Roses!


Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses on your homestead

Tend Beautiful Breed Horses five times

Finish yer Training Center


Nez Perce Horse unlocked, Best Breed Gate, 10 Sweet Feed


Wrapper Mission: Pioneer Trail Exquisite Equines


Raise three Golden Bow Beautiful Breed Horses on your homestead


10,000 XP, Golden Horse Statue, 10 Horseshoes

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