Pioneer Trail Cattle Drive Mission Text Guide

 Pioneer Trail Cattle Drive Mission

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Pioneer Trail has just released this new 8 part mission with 3 wrapper mission the Pioneer Trail Cattle Drive Quest. Players can now perform the following missions: Pioneer Preparation, Helpin Hands, Gettin Gear, Cattle Coordination, Addin To The Herd, Progress Blocked, Leadin The Herd, Hungry Herd, Cattle Wranglin, Dedicated Driver and Cowpoke Collectin

Cattle Drive Quest 1: Pioneer Trail Pioneer Preparation

– There’s a nice meadow over yonder. I reckon that’s a nice place for cowpokes to gather up. I’d be happy to help!

Gather 20 Bags of Seeds
Collect 10 Solid Posts from Friends
Sell 15 Adult Standard Cows
2 Cow Pokes, 300 coins, 500 xp

Cattle Drive Quest 2: Pioneer Trail Helpin Hands

– Preparin’ food for the cowpokes is just as important as the drive itself! We can’t let ’em go hungry on the trip!

Harvest 20 Black Beans
Gather 30 Thick Cut Bacon
Collect 15 Buttery Biscuits from Friends
3 Cow Pokes, 200 xp, Random Rewards

Cattle Drive Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Gettin Gear

– We sure could use some gear if we’re going to be drivin’ cattle. I’ll handle the cattle so you can collect the gear!

Gather 20 Tough Lassos
Gather 30 Saddle Gloves
Craft 5 Hefty Satchels
3 Cowpokes, 300 xp, Random Reward

Cattle Drive Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Cattle Coordination

– Lend some advice to some o’ these younger cowpokes on how to survive the Drive and keep those cattle wrangled. Wanna show ’em the ropes?

Craft 5 Dummy Cows
Gather 25 Cans of Beans
Gather 80 Delicious Apples
7 Cowpokes, 1 Tamarillo Tree, 3 Muscle Mix

Cattle Drive Quest 5: Pioneer Trail Addin To The Herd

– One of those cattle is about to give birth! I’d sure appreciate it if you could lend me a hand on deliverin’ this baby calf!

Gather 30 Fresh Milk
Gather 20 Wool Blankets
Collect 25 Birthing Kits from Friends
5 Cowpokes, 2 Black Bean, 600 xp

Cattle Drive Quest 6: Pioneer Trail Progress Blocked

– Oh gosh, I wasn’t expectin’ we’d have a tree down in the path. Maybe you clear it away with the Oxen.

Gather 15 Hauling Harnesses
Chop down 6 fully grown Pine Trees
Craft 4 Clearin’ Rakes
8 Cowpokes, 700 xp, Random Reward

Cattle Drive Quest 7: Pioneer Trail Leadin The Herd

– Would ya look at that? We have so many cattle now. I’d love to lead ’em and get these here cattle on the road!

Gather 35 Surplus Spurs
Collect Bonus on yer Barn 3 Times
Collect 25 Trainin’ Manuals from Friends
8 Cow Pokes, 800 xp, Tough hand Tonic

Cattle Drive Quest 8: Pioneer Trail Hungry Herd

– The meadow is gettin’ real busy! I think the cattle are gonna need some more food! Let’s rustle up some grub for these bovines

Gather 40 Corn Feed
Craft 6 Food Troughs
Harvest 25 Ripe Tamarillo Trees on yer Homestead
20 Cow Pokes, 900 xp, Random Reward


Wrapper Mission:

Gatherin Cow Pokes: Pioneer Trail Cattle Wranglin

Collect 20 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete the mission, Helpin Hands! 2 times
Complete the mission, Cattle Coordination! 2 times
1 Crazier Cake, 20 Cowpokes, 5000 xp

Gatherin Cow Pokes: Pioneer Trail Dedicated Driver

– Bringin’ in more cowpokes is no small task, but I know you’re up to it! Let me see what you can do

Collect 80 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete the mission, Addin To The Herd! 3 times
Complete the mission, Progress Blocked! 4 times
1 Frontier Fritter, 30 Cowpokes, Cattle Drive Banner


Gatherin Cow Pokes: Pioneer Trail Cowpoke Collectin

– We sure have a lot of cowpokes around, but we have a bit of work to do to make this really the best cattle drive. Just a little more

Collect 225 Cowpokes from completing missions
Complete the mission, Leadin The Herd! 4 times
Complete the mission, Hungry Herd! 4 times
10 Horse Shoe, 50 Cowpokes, Cattle Dog

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