Pioneer Trail Civic Center Mission Guide

Pioneer Trail Civic Center Mission

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Quest 1: Pioneer Trail Civically Centered Quest 2: Pioneer Trail Tele-Wishing
Goal:Place the Civic Center

Visit Neighbors 20 Times

Harvest 30 Peppermint Tree


500 xp, 500 coins, Long Marble Planter

Goal:Harvest 50 Broccoli

Tend 35 Adult Standard Geese

Make Room for the Telegraph Station
(Upgrade Your Civic Center)


1000 xp, 2 Long Marble Planter, 5 Marigold crop

Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Fine Arts Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Locking It Up
Goal:Craft Six Flower Arrangements

Collect 15 Elegant Vases

Finish the Fine Arts Department

(Upgrade Your Civic Center)


1500 xp, 2 Marble Planter Bottom, Junkyard Dog

Goal:Tend a Junkyard Dog 12 Times

Collect Ten Posse Posters

Add the Sheriff’s Wing

(Upgrade Your Civic Center)


2000 xp, Fully Grown Willow Tree, 2 Marble Planter Tops

Quest 5: Pioneer Trail Almost Finished   
Goal:Craft Seven Party Tables

Collect 40 Grape Bunches

Expand your Civic Center to Store your Government Buildings
(Complete Your Civic Center)


3000 xp, Justice Bear Statue, Collect All Bonus


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