Pioneer Trail Family Bonfire Mission Text Guide

 Pioneer Trail Family Bonfire Mission

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Enjoy the warm fire of Bonfire with the family on this new Pioneer Trail Family Bonfire Mission. This is a five part mission and players can now start performing the following tasks: Building A Bonfire, Mattress Mayhem, Carnival Collection, Spicy Hot and Frontier Lanterns.

Quest 1: Pioneer Trail Building A Bonfire

Tend 30 Adult Standard Goats
Gather 20 Peach Kindling
Place the Family Bonfire
3 Speckled Sussex Chicken, 5 Corn Dog Crops, 500 xp

Quest 2: Pioneer Trail Mattress Mayhem

Feed Hog Chow to any Prize Pig 5 Times
Ask for 10 Mattress Patches from yer Friends
Add the Old Mattress to the Bonfire
Loverly Cow, Twilight Pig, 1000 xp

Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Carnival Collection

Gather 20 Crunchy Cotton Candy
Collect 15 Hand Dollys from yer Friends
Add the Country Fair Crates to the Bonfire
Angus Cow, 1500 xp, 2000 coins

Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Spicy Hot

Craft Five Wilted Pepper Trellis
Gather 30 Cold Plum Juice
Give the Fire an Extra Kick by Adding Wilted Pepper Trellises
2 Summer Fireflies, Ultimate Chili, 2000 xp

Quest 5: Pioneer Trail Frontier Lanterns

Craft Seven Firefly Lanterns
Gather Ten Luminescent Fireflies
Finish the Last Preparations for the Bonfire
Twilight Telescope, Summer Mystery Crate, 3000 xp


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