Pioneer Trail: Genie’s Wish Quests

Genie's Wish Quests

Howdy fellow players, there’s a new quest coming up with the title Pioneer Trail Genie’s Wish and it wil have some cool rewards to be given away. Below are previews of the stages and you can prepare ahead the materials that will be used.


Genie Help

Quests 1: Genie Help


Tend Adult Pigs 15 times

Harvest 25 Potatoes

Place the Genie’s Lamp


5 Mirage Water, Bobo, 2 Intense Heats


Not so Crazy

Quests 2: Not so Crazy


Fully fuel two Heat Waves

Contribute 30 Mirage Waters

Start redecorating the Genie’s Lamp (Upgrade the Genie’s Lamp)


1 Unwither Crop, 1 Loyal Pioneer, 2 Genie Magnolias


Whata Genie

Quests 3: Whata Genie


Harvest 35 Wendy’s Wish

Harvest 30 Genie Magnolias

Add some style to the Genie’s Lamp (Upgrade the Genie’s Lamp)


Humpty, 1 Red Eye, Oasis Tree


Wish Wash

Quests 4: Wish Wash


Harvest Oasis Trees six times (Use Mirage Water to start ’em. Ya just got one from the previous quest)

Contribute 60 Wishin’ Well Waters

Add some style to the Genie’s Lamp (Upgrade the Genie’s Lamp)


3 Wendy’s Wish, 1 Beef Jerky, 1 The Crop Mumbler


Quests 5: Wishes Come True


Harvest 65 Genie Magnolias

Tend Humpty the Camel ten times (You got one in a previous mission)

Finish the Genie’s Lamp


3 Crop Ready Boosts, 2 Squeezing the Stones, Genie Turban


Full Fillin'! Quests

Pioneer Trail Full Fillin’! Quests


Complete the Oasis Collection three times

Contribute 750 Mirage Water or Wishin’ Well Water

Harvest Ripe Wendy’s Wish 100 times


1 Spicy Deer Jerky, 1 Crazy Cake


The Last Wish

Pioneer Trail The Last Wish Quests


Harvest Fool’s Gold 4000 times

Tend Bobo the Entertaining Monkey eight times (You get one for completing the quest “Wishes Come True”)

Craft 25 Monkey Beds


1 Stable Ready Boost, 1 Flyin’ Carpet, 1 Eco-Jacking

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