Pioneer Trail Jack’s Mineshaft Quests Text Guide

Pioneer Trail Jack’s Mineshaft Quests

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The Jack’s Mineshaft Quests in Pioneer Trail has just been released. We can now start performing the 5 part mission on rescuing Frontier Jack among the missions are Missing Inaction, A Friend o’ Mine, Meals On Wings, A Chilly Disposition and To The Rescue.

Mission 1: Pioneer Trail Missing Inaction


Harvest 30 Squash

Tend 20 animals on your Neighbors’ Homesteads

Collect five Missin’ Jack Posters


Canary, Diggin Directions, 400 coins


Mission 2: Pioneer Trail A Friend o’ Mine


Tend 30 adult Oxen

Gather 15 Notes From Jack by clearing Grass

Break ground on your Mineshaft


3 Potato Ready Boosts, 600 coins, 600 xp


Mission 3: Pioneer Trail Meals On Wings


Craft six Miner’s Meals

Gather 40 Mashed Taters

Brighten up the Mineshaft so you can search for Jack


1000 xp, Molten Cake, Cave Coordinates


Mission 4: Pioneer Trail A Chilly Disposition


Ask For 20 Cushy Bed Rolls

Gather 30 Wool Blankets

Clear the roots blocking your Mineshaft


Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1400 xp, Miner’s Map


Mission 5: Pioneer Trail To The Rescue


Tend 20 adult Canaries

Ask for 15 Miner’s Hats

Face your fears and get past the growls in the Mineshaft


2 Crazy Cakes, 2200 xp, Jack’s Mine


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