Pioneer Trail Leatherworks Mission Text Guide

Pioneer Trail Leatherworks Mission

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Pioneer Trail has just released the Leatherworks Mission which means players build the Leatherworks and perform the 5 part missions among them are: Building A Leatherworks, Practice Makes Perfect, Buckaroo Blisters, Being Neighborly, and Varmint Vengeance.

Leatherworks Quest 1: Pioneer Trail Building A Leatherworks


Place the Leatherworks

Clear 3 Stumps on yer Homestead

Tend 30 Adult Standard Cows on yer Homestead


500 xp, Cream Cow, 3 Hide Prepping Stations


Leatherworks Quest 2: Pioneer Trail Practice Makes Perfect


Harvest 30 Corn

Collect 8 Flint Knives (ask friends)

Upgrade yer Leatherworks


6 Hide Prepping Stations , 1000 xp, Quicksilver Boots


Leatherworks Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Buckaroo Blisters


Gather 10 Busted Boots

Collect 15 Leather Aprons from yer Friends

Upgrade yer Leatherworks to make Quicksilver Boots


Bullwhip, 1500 xp, Red Deer


Leatherworks Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Being Neighborly


Gather 12 Damaged Leather Gear from Adult Standard Cows

Craft Four Ox Harnesses

Finish the Leatherworks


Rawhide Gloves , 2000 xp, 2 Fully Grown Willow Trees


Leatherworks Quest 5: Pioneer Trail Varmint Vengeance


Gather 10 Shredded Gloves

Craft 4 Bullwhips

Make Some Rawhide Gloves


Harmonicow, 3000 xp, 10 Hide Prepping Stations


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