Pioneer Trail Min’s Express Quests Guide

Min's Express Quests

Investigate the mystery in Pioneer Trail Min’s Express Quests. Gather your friends as you prepare of missions like Vertical Integration, Missing Stage Coach, Surely Sabotage, Informer Situation, Golden Ruled and Beyond a Doubt. The quest will run on specific day so heads up for the following tasks:


Quests 1 : Pioneer Trail Vertical Integration

Story: Business has really picked up since I started the Express to help with shipping. Now I can get anything to anywhere in half the time.


Tend 20 Chickens

Clear Eight Rocks

Place Min’s Business


Lotus Crop Ready Boosts Horsetail

1 Lotus, 1 Crop Ready Boost, 1 Horsetail


Quests 2: Pioneer Trail Missing Stagecoach

Story: One of my stagecoaches has gone missing! I need to find it, but I can’t leave the store. Can you help me?


Tend 25 Ducks

Investigate three Missing Stagecoach Clues

Help Min’s Business grow


Extra Evidence Red White and Blueberries Escargot Boost

1 Extra Evidence, 1 Red White and Blueberries, 1 Escargot Boost


Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Surely Sabotage

Story: It is obvious that there was foul play involved. I think we should give that stagecoach a thorough investigation so that we don’t miss any clues.


Tend 40 Cows

Investigate Two Burned Stagecoaches

Build up Min’s Business


Devil's Claw Recycle Bin Red Eye Boost

1 Devil’s Claw, 1 Recycle Bin, 1 Red Eye Boost


Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Informer Situation

Story: More of my stagecoaches have gone missing. Them thieves are targeting the stagecoaches with my most valuable items. Someone is tipping them off.


Collect 60 Employee Evidence

Craft and then send Nine Apology Boxes

Build up Min’s Business


Steel Forge Compost Pile Crop Mumbler

1 Steel Forge, 1 Compost Pile, 1 Crop Mumbler


Quests 5: Pioneer Trail Golden Ruled

Story: That’s a lot of real nice theories you’ve got there about this being my fault, but I don’t see any of that “evidence” sticking.


Investigate Three Shot Up Stagecoaches

Craft and then send Ten Warning Boxes

Finish Min’s Business


Espresso Boost Squeezing The Stone Crossroads

1 Espresso Boost, 1 Squeezing The Stone, 1 Crossroads


Special Quests:

Pioneer Trail Beyond a Doubt

Story: This case may look like a slam dunk but we better collect all of the evidence just to make sure.


Investigate Five Tampered Stagecoaches

Collect all Evidence Animals: Detective Dog, Grease Monkey and Gopher Gunner

Harvest 50 Blackberries


Varmint Blocker Animal Vaccine Boost Express Crate

1 Varmint Blocker, Animal Vaccine Boost, 1 Express Crate

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