Pioneer Trail Mission Talent Show

Pioneer Trail Talent Show Mission

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Pioneer Trail Mission 1: Frontier Talent


Tend Adult Standard Sheep 15 Times

Visit Four Neighbors

Click the Country Fair Stage then the Talent Show button

Reward: 300 xp, 300 coins, Talent Show Flyer (for Phase 1)

Pioneer Trail Mission 2: Bear Taming


Clear 12 Wildflowers

Harvest 40 Broccoli

Create a Bear Lure for Granny (Phase 1)

Reward: Floppy Fair Hare, Bear Lure, Granny’s Whip (for Phase 2)

Pioneer Trail Mission 3: Monkeying Around


Tend Floppy Fair Hares 15 Times

Craft Four Granny Gut Punch

Help Amos Create a Bunyan Brew (Phase 2)

Reward: 1000 xp, Dancing Monkey, Bunyan Brew Case (for Phase 3)

Pioneer Trail Mission 4: Rhinestone Cowgirl


Tend Dancing Monkeys Ten Times

Tend 50 Peppermint

Create a Dazzling New Outfit for Bess (Phase 3)

Reward: 1500 xp, 1500 coins, Dazzling Outfit (for Phase 4)

Pioneer Trail Mission 5: Handy Man


Harvest 80 Blueberries

Clear 30 Neighbor Thorns or Cacti

Give Hank a Massage Treatment (Phase 4)

Reward: 2500 xp, 3 Tough Hand Tonic, Tough Hand Mixer

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