Pioneer Trail Soldier’s Pen Pal Mission Text Guide

Pioneer Trail Soldier’s Pen Pal Mission Guide

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Pioneer Trail Mail Box Mission is here and players can now perform the 5 mission along with it and they are: New Pen Pal, Pen Pal Nerves, Pen Pal Pets, Pen Pal Hobbies, and Pen Pal Picture.

Quest 1: Pioneer Trail New Pen Pal


Tend 30 Adult Pigs on yer Homestead

Collect Eight Fanny’s Writing Guides

Place One Military Mailbox


Spotted Pig, Rhode Island Chicken


Quest 2: Pioneer Trail Pen Pal Nerves


Harvest 60 Squash on yer Homestead

Craft Two Pen Pal Pencils

Help Your Kid Write Their First Letter

Complete building the Mail Box Stage 1.


Floppy Fair Hare, 5 Moss Crops, 1000 xp


Quest 3: Pioneer Trail Pen Pal Pets


Tend 15 Adult Floppy Fair Hares

Fish 10Times in the Fishing Pond

Help Your Kid Describe Their Pets

Complete building the Mail Box Stage 2.


5 Sieve Stations, Dragon Goose, 1500 xp


Quest 4: Pioneer Trail Pen Pal Hobbies


Harvest 30 Sparkling Roses

Collect 16 Draggin Slayors

Help Yer Kid Describe Their Hobbies

Complete building the Stage 3 of the Mail Box.


Sergeant Stubby, 2500 xp, 2000 coins


Quest 5: Pioneer Trail Pen Pal Picture


Tend Sergeant Stubby Four Times

Harvest 20 Agave Cactus

Help Ted Make a Drawing of Your Kid and Stubby

Complete building the Stage 4 of the Mail Box.


Pirate Pig, Solider Bear, 4000 xp


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